Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th July Weekend Fun!

 4th of July Fun!

We started this weekend on Thursday with a little creative art. She realized that when you mix red and blue; purple is made! 

Then we had fun at the park. 


We made a makeshift tent in the living room, ate pizza and watched Frozen in it! She LOVED it!

Friday the 4th we went to the parade downtown. She was a little unsure about it at first and then really got into it by the end. The loud noises where not her favorite part:) 


We then made our way to brunch at a local place we love. She spent her waiting time building a tower of spreads. She is pretty good at this! 

 After a good nap, we went to the city pool and had a blast splashing. She is getting better at getting under the water and not getting scared! 

Before heading to a church BBQ, Amelia showed off her fine motor skills as she made a glow in the dark necklace for the festivities. 

Watching the Fireworks!

Saturday was a day of just rest and relaxation! We did do some art with our feet; which was a fun experience and in AJ's words, "It Tickles!"

Happy 4th everyone!!!


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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Date Nights!!

 Date Nights....

 Our first date night was wonderful! It was wonderful to have time away from the house together!

And other times, when it's not as easy to get away, it is just as sweet to spend time with each other around a fire having our first S'more of the year together!

Mommy's Little Helper

Mommy's Little Helper

Amelia and I decided to make Nana's banana bread recipe for Daddy. She helped with each step and was so proud to eat it after she awoke from her nap! 

Amelia has also been fascinated with the laundry and wanted to help out one Saturday. Here she is taking laundry in and out of the dryer. This occupied her time for a good 45 mins.

Amelia = Cuteness


 Everyone has one of these pictures! It's a priceless picture!

 First S'more! 

 First sighting of a Lightning Bug! 

 Art with a squirt bottle and markers! 

Who hasn't ate grapes in the tub before?